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“ Our greatest glory is not in never failing,
but in rising up every time we fail. ”
Ralf Emerson

We are: 843

03.04.2012 Prisoners have headache and their eyes are watering due to attempts of Daugavgriva Prison Administration to process them with generators of radio waves for radio signal suppression. The reason for repression development was prisoner’s appeal to the court. On March 15-28 Daugavpil...

About fund

     The fund for assistance of detainees and prisoners "Gara spēks"/ "Сила духа"/ "Force of The Spirit" is a public organization free from any governmental, political ideology, interests of gaining profit, religious and national excesses. 

     When the law is severe and unjust, and the power is malicious, all and any may suffer guiltlessly -- , both the Russian and the Latvian; both the Orthodox believers and the Catholics and Protestants; both the businessmen and the employees and simple workers. Our organization help all people, as well as those who have gone outside the law, lost freedom for definite or indefinite time, and their relatives and immediate family. We offer free consulting in civil law and criminal law, for instance, how to accept the inheritance and to legitimize one’s rights to the real estate property (legislation of Latvia has restricted the rights of inheritance acceptance to the term of one year, later the state takes possession of the inheritance). We will help you in execution of all the required papers and documents. Our team has legally resourceful and skillful specialists, which care about the way the blind Justice treats you. Each person is entitled to freedom and fair justice, like it is entered in the General Human Rights Declaration and is guaranteed by other international legislative acts. We are ready to use the letter of the law according to the spirit of its creators and for your benefit.
Commandment of our fund “Gara spēks”/ “Сила духа”/ “Force of The Spirit” is as follows: - Don’t go by the one who has fallen down, help him to stand up. 
Our contacts:
Phone: +371 2 6999996
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